Cinematic Impressions is an album aimed at people who enjoy the symphonic music that support the action in the movies, particularly, adventure movies.

I tried to capture the essence of the main titles and end credits suites which combine several themes presented in a film.  The pieces of this album are arranged for symphonic orchestra, and most of them include extensive use of choir.  There are multiple melodies on each track, sometimes combined in a polyphonic way, repeated with different orchestrations and extended with variations. 

In summary, the work has many details that allow discovering new sounds when the listener hears the music again. The title of each piece suggests different story landscapes.  I know you will feel the adventure, the thrill, the melancholy and the hope portrayed on this work.

The album is available in iTunes, Amazon MP3 and CD Baby.  You can listen to the entire album going to the Music Samples page of this site, but with a lower sound quality.

If you are interested on using this particular music for your projects or in new compositions you can find me at